Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Wow, these weeks are passings by soooo fast!

2 years. I can´t believe i´m almost an RM. 

Awesome week- we saw lots of fruits of our work with the members in the chapel yesterday. Lots of less actives as well as investigators. Including the nonmember parents of a missionary that´s serving from this ward.

Downfall- last night we were locked in the apartment building and couldn´t get out intime to work!!!!! But we did go out at the last hour to do some street contacting. 

This week is going to be very busy!!!!!!! Lots of things to do apart from packing!!!! Wow

I love the mission!!!


Elder Fullmer

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Wow, i hardly have any time to write!!!

This week has been great. A few struggles but other triunphs! asi es la mision. 

I´ve been reading the Book of Mormon a lot lately to get caught up so that i can finish before I go home. I´ve also been praying more and with more faith for things that I need. 

It´s amazing how doing those simple things allows us to truly access the atonement! 

I love you all and will be able to write talk and hug soon!


Elder Fullmer

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Familia Arrendondo!

Hey everybody!!!
Wow it´s been a great week!!! So many great things! New years was great. We made asado with the Rodriguez family in the afternoon and then we had to get back to the pench pretty early. On new years day we had to stay in the pench all day. On friday morning we attended the wedding of the Arredondo family!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooooooooooo!!! It was amazing! They were both very emotional. A little afterwards she had the certificate in her hand and shouted ´i did it after 45 years!!! She was sooooo happy!!! They were both looking good!
Then we had interviews with President. Great to be able to talk to him openly and recieve guidance from him. I love President Goates! 
Saturday we were extremely busy getting everything for the baptism!!! tonnns of things to do. Also, the font didn´t produce hot water so we had to bring pots from the kitchen sink. 
The baptism was amazinnng. The spirit was sooo strong! There were tons of children but they were all quiet and there was a really peaceful feeling throughout the service. 
2 amaaaaazing sisters in the ward had set up a surprise party for the arredondo marriage just afterwards with cupcakes, alfajors, and a wedding cake!!!! Thanks sister rodriguez and sister leal!!!
They were both confirmed on sunday. Sister Arredondo shared her testimony and it was sooo sweet. Things she has wanted for a long time are happening now. They are both very excited to go to the temple in a year. Last night we showed them the mountain of the lord movie and then gave them the little ´my family´ booklets to start working on so that we can go to the family history center in a couple more weeks.
So it was an amazing week. I´m grateful also for the reminders of the Lord to have a soft heart. If we have hardened hearts we can´t progress and even though a million blessings happen to us, we won´t recieve them truly or won´t recognize that they come directly from the Lord. It makes me so sad to see people I live around make bad choices and not seek to truly put God´s will above theirs. I know that our lives are all part of a divine design created for our happiness. But we can´t have that happiness unless we seeks to do the things that please God.
I love you all

Elder Fullmer

[Lots of photos this week, too!]

Inline image 1

Inline image 3
Families are eternal

Inline image 8
"The delicious birthday [I think he meant wedding] cake that hna rodriguez made!!!"

Inline image 5
"the amazing wedding party that these to sisters set up!!!"

Inline image 6
Inline image 2
Inline image 7
Marriage is official, complete with certificate!
Inline image 4
Mr. and Mrs. Arredondo!

Inline image 9
Inline image 11
New Year's Fireworks

Inline image 10
New Years with the Rodriguez Family
Inline image 12


Heyyyy everybody!!!!!!!!

It was a great Christmas week!!! Awesome talking to the family, playing uno with the elders in the pench on Christmas eve. watching fireworks at 12. 

We were also able to teach quite a bit this week. The familia Arredondo is doing aweeesome!!!!!!!

We gave them a himnal for christmas and they started crying!!! Yesterday we gave them sparkling cyder without alcohol so that can do cheers at 12 on new years night without breaking the word of wisdom!!! In the lesson last night we repassed a few things and they are sooooo ready to get baptized this week!!! We´re working with a few of the sisters in the ward to get a little party-social together after the baptism in celebration of their wedding on friday

WOW. 2014 went by soooo fast! I feel like i´ve been sooo blessed this past year. Blessed with friendships, trials, great lunches, great companions! I was very thankful for the opportunity this past week of reflecting more and more on Christ and His life. I know that He payed our debt in its fullness and that He showed us the way. He is the way the truth and the light. I know He lives. Even though i´ve never seen Him, I´ve seen Him in the lives of lots of people. As we learn to recognize Him that way, our faith and gratitud really do grow. 

I love you all!!!!

Elder Fullmer

Inline image 1
Elder Castillo and Elder Fullmer in a photo they printed and gave to the members at Christmas

Inline image 3
Christmas with the Rodriguez family

Inline image 2
Waiting outside the pench for the other elders to arrive--there's only one key to the apartment. 

Inline image 4
A little asian cat that is found in stores everwhere

Inline image 5
Eating ice cream with the district

feliz navidad!!!

It´s been a great week here in the Favorita!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had the Christmas party which was waaaay fun. Basketball, deliscious food, cake and icecream. Shadow skits. Friends. Ties as presents. Santa Clause. Devotional. 

The high light of the week was that on sunday we had 6 investigators at church. But not just that. Afterwards a boy in our ward got baptized and so they all stayed to see it. MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was wayyyy cool! Cause that´s probably the most number of investigators i´ve had in a sacrament meeting and the only time i´ve gone to a ward baptism right after church. Unmistakabley the Lord´s hand!!!

The Familia Arredondo HAVEN¨T SMOKED SINCE LAST SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The tobaco tea did the trick!!! They don´t have desires to smoke anymore!!!!!!!!! It´s awesome!!!!! We´re sooo happy for them. Horacio and Astrid are pretty much ready to get baptized next week!!! 

THings are going awesome. Christmas is coming! Excited to talk to the family. 

And grateful for my Savior and Redeemer!!! Here on the mission I have recieved a much greater understanding and gratitud for His life, love, example, teachings, and Atonement! I would be nothing without Him. 

I wish you all the best!!!

Hasta Christmas day


Elder Fullmer

Monday, December 15, 2014


It´s been an amaaaazing week here in the favorita!!!!!!!!

We´ve taught sooooooooooo much!!!

Just a couple of the highlights...

One lady that we taught has gone through tons of problems recently. Her son in law got into drugs and started selling things in their house, and there´s been a lot of fighting and tension in their house. She told us at the beginning that she´s catholic but doesn´t attend much. She also told us she would have to be very sure of another church to attend, but is very willing to listen. We had a great lesson 1, and at the end she asked us how somebody can attend church!!! She really felt the spirit and we will be teaching her entire family soon. We also met her son in law later that week and he was really open to listening to us. 

The Arredondo family is doing... awesome!!! They are an amazing family to work with. So humble and willing!!! They come to church, read the scriptures and pray. They only thing they are lacking is to stop smoking and drinking!!! Yesterday we did the tobaco tea with them. Where they drink a tea of the contents of cigarrettes so that it becomes disgusting to them. They drank plenty and the sister was about to throw up. It worked well. We´ll check in tonight to see how the effects have turned out. 

A brother in our ward brought his 17 year old friend to church. He´s way mature, graduated from high school already and so he came to gospel principles with us. He had tons of questions and talked a ton. The ex ward mission leader who used to be bishop as well was there. At one moment, the investigator, maxi, was talking and then the ex wml started talking and said, hey, i like the way you think, so you know what, I challenge you to listen to the 5 discussions that the missionaries are going to give you, then to get baptized, and then i´ll prepare you to go on a mission! WOOOOOWWWW!!!!!! And Maxi was like uhhhhh ok!!! So we will be passing by tonight or tomorrow to talk to him. He´s way cool!!!!! Miracle

So things are going awesome, it´s been raining a lot this past week wich is wayyy abnormal for mendoza but i´m loooving it!!! 

I love you all, 

Have a great week!!!


Elder Fullmer

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Gift

So it´s been another great week here in the Favorita!!!
The Arredondo family is doing awwwesome! They came to church again yesterday and are smoking less, little by little. We are really excited for them! It´s cool to see how much the Gospel blesses families!!! Astrid reminds and encourages her parents to stop smoking, the mom reads the Book of Mormon with Horacio and Horacio loves listening and participating in priesthood. He´s excited to be able to bless his family within a couple of months. They´re doing great and progressing well. 
One crazy story for the week happened last night. We were in the bus going home and we think the bus driver might have taken a bad turn and almost hit somebody because when we were waiting at the next stop light a guy on his longboard came flying to catch up to the bus and then used his longboard to bash in the front windows where the driver was sitting, then went running on his friends bike. We got off the bus and walked like 10 blocks to another bus stop. 
As most of you know, as fultime missionaries and members as well, we´re sharing ¨the Gift.¨ The gift is Christ, who was a gift given to us by our loving Heavenly Father so that we can be find peace, joy, strength and understanding in this life and so that one day we can return to live with Him one day. In this time of Christmas we often get all busy with presents, parties, and traditions, and although each of those things are good, we should all remember to focus more and more on the reason for Christmas, Christ!!! I´m so thankful for that perfect gift!
Have a great week!!!
Elder Fullmer